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Memory Foam Seat Wedge Cushion with Plush Casing

    • ROAD WARRIORS & RESTLESS COMMUTERS REJOICE– Finally, a seat cushion wedge designed specifically for cars and their drivers. Our game changing cushion design is made with you in mind. Imagine being able to ENJOY LONG DRIVES again… Imagine your vehicle as your PERSONAL OASIS away from the stresses of daily life… Imagine arriving at your destination without pain, numbing, or restlessness... Imagine living pain free WITHOUT SURGERY, PILLS, or CREAMS!
    • FEELS LIKE NO OTHER - With our clinical therapeutic grade memory foam we offer a leading standard you'll notice as soon as you unwrap your new Desk Jockey
    • EVERLASTING SUPPORT FOR CARS AND OFFICE CHAIRS - Designed for a lifetime of use... You can sit, and sit, and sit and it WILL NEVER GO FLAT! Removable and washable cover means you can keep your Desk Jockey looking and smelling great for years.
    • OUR PROPRIETARY SECRET FOAM RECIPE  - is shaped into a contoured wedge, designed specifically to fit perfectly in those hard to fit seats of modern vehicles. The result is an unparalleled experience in comfort… Our favorite customers are those who have purchased a competing brand and then ours... In that first sitting moment, the realization of quality that had been missing is now there.... soothing, molding, and caressing itself to your unique body shape.
    • DON'T SETTLE! GET THE POWERHOUSE BRAND IN SITTING COMFORT - When you really, really need a product to perform, why risk it on a ‘never heard of’em’, ‘fly-by-night’ brand? We believe so strongly that THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR because we do the work by consulting with a board certified physical therapist to ensure our products are best in breed.

    Users may find benefit for driving in cars with a bucket seat to reduce back or leg pain. Wedge’s are also a great tool for people who need to ‘move’ in their seats. A wedge cushion positions your spine and hips in a great position to sit forward over your work. If you’re a performing artist, like a guitar player or pianist, or someone that does detailed work like drawing or computer programming, a wedge cushion is for you. The wedge allows your core muscles to activate for reaching and lowers your knees so it takes pressure off your hips.

    Corey M. Snyder, DPT is a Board-Certified Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapist through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.

    Product Dimensions: 13 x 3 x 14 inches

    Product Weight: 1.2 pounds

    We believe so strongly that our products are what you've been searching for that WE GUARANTEE IT! Backed with a Money Back Guarantee and AMAZING customer support. WE CARE ABOUT YOUR COMFORT! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason we will refund the purchase price of the product!

     Full 60 Days! Our policy lasts 60 days. That's a full two months to fully discover all the benefits of sitting comfortably!