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Neck Traction with Heat Therapy by Dynamic Wedge Cervical - Automatic Device, Multi-Function Programs, Adjustable Temperature - Neck Pain Relief, Stretcher

  • ELECTRONIC TRACTION - The Dynamic Wedge Pneumatic cervical traction device creates an incline traction that helps realign the cervical vertebra.

  • RELIEVE PAIN - Cervical traction is an effective process that helps relieve the ails of bad posture, muscle rigidity, and pain

  • HEAT THERAPY - The heat combined with the cervical stretch helps increase the stretch and loosen tight muscles.

  • FREQUENCY IMPULSES - Frequency impulses help conduct to the nerves to block pain signals and relieve pain.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Compact and easy to use and store.WARRANTY - 1 year warranty and Satisfaction Guaranteed.