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Neck Travel Pillow by Skypillow, One-of-a-kind Orthopedic Travel Pillow, Prevent Neck Cramps, Improve Posture; Memory Foam and Adjustable, Washable Cover, Includes Carrying Case and Clip (Blue) (SM)

  • A BETTER NECK PILLOW: Many travel pillows aren't firm enough to properly support the neck and end up caving in to even the slightest amount of pressure. This does very little to actually help relieve neck pain or provide comfort during travel. The SkyPillow corrects this with sturdy memory foam construction that cradles the neck that reduces strain and keeps the head in an upright position.

  • SIZING: Many neck pillows are intended for comfort during travel but standard neck pillows are often too small for the average adult. The average height of the neck is around 10-13 centimeters but generic pillows are typically only 6-8cm high, providing very little support for the neck. The Skypillow comes in two different sizes, both with an adjustable strap and a height of 12 centimeters to ensure that you can receive the right relief for you.

    Small fits circumference: 12.5” – 14.5”

  • ULTRA BREATHABLE FABRIC: The SkyPillow is constructed with a coolpass fabric that allows air to pass through the neck pillow. This breathable and lightweight fabric makes for a super comfortable pillow as the flow of air prevents the user from feeling overly constricted. During long periods of sitting or travel, it can be difficult to have something wrapped around your neck when the heat and sweat build. Keep your neck cool and comfy with the SkyPillow!

  • CORRECT YOUR POSTURE: Neck Pain is most commonly attributed to poor posture which slowly builds up tension around the neck and shoulders. Treating the pain is one thing, but it doesn’t address the root of the problem. Correcting your posture is crucial to prevent the condition of the neck and shoulders from recurring or worsening. The Skypillow is meant to cradle the head, forcing it to remain in an upright and proper position which slowly corrects posture and prevents the buildup of further tension and pain.

  • PATENTED DESIGN: Skypillow was designed with thorough consideration to provide the best experience possible. Not only does the Skypillow come in two different sizes, the adjustable clasp on the front allows it to be tightened to the specific width of your neck. Covering the pillow is a removable cover to make it incredibly easy to clean and replace. For additional convenience, the Skypillow is able to be folded into a third of its normal size and comes with a convenient carrying case for ease of packing. Clip it to your bag or luggage and relax knowing that comfort is just a few feet away.