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Phase Change Cooling Vest by Icy Wrap for Men & Women, Hot Weather, Ice Reflective Vest with 30 PCS Ice Packs, High Tech Phase Change PCM material, stays cold for 5-10 hrs

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  • HIGH-TECH COOLING - Uses innovative material PCM (phase-change material) developed by NASA to rapidly cool the body surface.

  • LONG LASTING – Uses long lasting increased qty of cold packs to enable a long duration cold life – 5-10hrs

  • QUICK FREEZING – Add to the freezer either the full vest or the ice pack sheet for a quick freeze - .5-3 hrs

  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST – Adjustable sizing and V-Neck design, is breathable & moisture-permeable composite fabric for more comfort.

  • LIGHT WEIGHT – Suitable for a wide range of applications: outdoor, industry, sports etc.


PCM (phase change coolant and polyurethane film are biodegradable) is able to absorb a significant amount of heat energy during phase transition, which is a typical cooling source of passive cooling clothing. It can form a relatively constant temperature or microclimate around the clothing according to the change of ambient temperature. The temperature is adjusted and thus achieves the cooling effect.

Reduces the body temperature to prevent heat exhaustion & fatigue.

The Icy Wrap Ice Vest is designed to provide cooling for people exposed to a hot environment, reduce heat stroke or dehydration risks, and reduce physical discomfort caused by high temperature.  It also can be used by athletes to lower ones core temperature.

According to tests, the somatosensory temperature decreases by 3°C to 5°C after wearing the Ice Vest.

How Heat Affects the Human Body?

Due to moist and hot environments, excess heat from the body cannot be dissipated, and the body cannot make up for the lost fluids and electrolytes. Increase in core temperature and blood pressure leads to irritability, and even affects human perception, memory, recognition and intelligence, which in turn affects work efficiency. In severe cases, dehydration, and heat stroke may also occur, endangering physical health.

Heat within the muscle is also the cause of exhaustion. If the body’s core temp is lowered, then ones muscles can endure for longer. Particularly useful for: workers, field personnel Firefighters, traffic guards, Construction site workers, mine workers, Maintenance worker, Athletes, couriers and hikers etc.


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Will the Desk Jockey cushion relieve my pain?

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