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5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Alleviate Back Pain

by Ryan Hogan 22 Apr 2016 0 Comments

In today’s workforce most of our day is spent sitting at our desks. We all know we sit too long, and often that sitting comes with a price. Do you have the same back pain from sitting like we have? If so, you know how fatiguing and annoying it can be. Here are five quick tips that can immediately help ease your back pain.

1. Exercises 

Kill two birds with one stone and burn calories while relieving back pain! Taking small walking breaks at work can help alleviate back pain. This gets your muscles moving and your blood flowing which can help any problem areas. Walking also releases endorphins which are known to reduce pain.

2. Stretching

Stretching is a good way to reduce pain from immobility. Simple stretches and yoga like the hip flexor, runner’s quad, child’s pose and pigeon pose all target the back and increase blood flow to the area. Performing these stretches will help your body relax as well as combat back pain.

3. Trigger Points

Trigger points are said to be where all the pain begins in an area. Knowing where these points are can help get rid of back pain. There are three points to trigger; the gluteus medias (middle top of your backside), deep spinal muscles (muscles along the left of your spine) and the quadratus lumborum (the muscles coming from left to right under your rib cage). Massage these points to make pain go away. The spots will be tender so massage with your hand or tennis ball for the best results.

4. Self-Massage

Treat yourself to a deep tissue massage and save money by doing it yourself! All you need is a foam roller to help target your problem areas. If you don’t have a foam roller, a tennis ball will also work. There are three areas to massage to help relieve your back pain. The first area is obviously your back. Lay on your roller and simply massage away the tension and pain you’re feeling. A lot of back pain can also come from your hips. Try massaging your hip flexors and hip abductors for similar results. Roll the top of your thighs on the roller near your groin to target the hip flexors and roll the inside of your thighs to target the hip abductors. Relaxing the hip muscles helps relax the back and take away pain.

5. Ice and Heat

This must be the oldest remedy to use, but it can still help your back pain. Icing a problem area can help reduce inflammation which can be causing you pain. Ice can also temporarily numb pain you are experiencing. Applying heat can help relax tense muscles that are causing you pain.

These tips are just beginning in the fight to eliminate back pain.  Help reduce your back pain even more by using one of our therapeutic grade Desk Jockey products!

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