About Us

Desk Jockey’s owner is a 25-year desk veteran who, just like you, grapples with daily aches and discomforts. Our mission? To discover and deliver the most effective and budget-friendly solutions for all your pain-relief needs.

Every ache we alleviate, every discomfort we diminish, fuels our passion. At Desk Jockey, your comfort is our calling.

Continuously evolving, we harness the latest in therapeutic technology, offering cutting-edge products like red light therapy devices and cervical neck stretchers and many others.

At Desk Jockey, every product is a testament to our commitment to premium quality, ensuring lasting relief and unmatched comfort.

Born from personal experience, Desk Jockey deeply understands your daily discomforts and is dedicated to alleviating them.

Recognizing that pain and discomfort are unique to each individual, Desk Jockey offers a diverse range of products tailored to meet varied needs.