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Quick and Easy Ways to Prevent Back Pain at your Workstation

by Ryan Hogan 10 Jun 2016 0 Comments

Learn how to set up a pain free work station

We all know that sitting too long at work is not beneficial for our bodies and specifically, our backs. Most Americans work the typical 9-5 desk job which requires long hours of sitting. This can come with detrimental effects. Here are some ways to help prevent that back pain from happening.

Set up a proper workstation

            For a workstation to be pain free make the appropriate height for what you do. Adjust your computer monitor and keyboard so you don’t have to stretch or sit in an unnatural position to use them. Try to keep your knees parallel to or lower than your hips. This will help you sit more naturally as well and not put strain on your back. Place your most used items within close reach so you don’t have to twist and turn to get them.

Use an Adjustable Chair

            An adjustable chair can help you sit at the right level for your body. Adjust it so your feet can lay flat on the floor, and try not to cross them or dangle them as this can hurt your back. Also, make sure your hips are making contact with the back of your chair. Have your chair back inclined at a 100 to 110-degree angle. If your chair back moves, sit at different angles during the day so you don’t get stiff in one position. If the back rest is insufficient to your needs, place a cushion behind you for added support.

Consider a Headset

            Most jobs require many phone conversations. Try ditching the phone from your workstation for a wireless headset. Using a phone causes you to use your neck and shoulders to hold it which can cause back and neck pain. If you use a headset you can keep your body in a more natural position.

Maintain Good Posture at your Workstation

            Posture has a huge effect on the strain you put on your back. Ways to keep good posture is to not cross your legs as we have said before. If you are uncomfortable with your feet flat on the ground, you can prop them up with a stool or cushion. Also pull your shoulder blades back so you sit up straighter. If you are really dedicated to have better posture and to rid yourself of back pain, you can sit on an exercise ball for parts of your day. Good posture can help take away your back pain as well as make your back and core stronger.

Take breaks from your Workstation

            Try to get up and move at least once an hour. The breaks don’t have to be long, even a bathroom break will do. Any movement will get you moving and stretch out your back. If you want, you could do some simple stretches to stay loose and relaxed while you take your breaks.

Key Takeaways –

  • Have a good workstation set up
  • Use an adjustable chair
  • Wear a headset instead of cradling your phone to talk
  • Focus on maintaining good posture
  • Take a break at least once per hour


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