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3 Tips When Working with Computers

One of the most common culprits of back pain, bad posture, and strained wrists and fingers is the computer keyboard.

Positioned at the wrong level, it could even lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition that affects the hands and wrists. To avoid injuries and associated conditions, consider these tips when working for long periods in front of a computer:

  1. Adjust the height of your chair and your table or workstation if possible. Sit close but comfortable to your table and avoid slouching. Since hunching over may not be avoided as required by your work, such as when you must view something up close, try to keep a slouched position for as short a time as possible. Maintain a straight back most of the time. If necessary, use a larger computer screen or a magnifier so you do not need to sit with your torso bent forward.

  2. Keep shoulders straight and relaxed. If you find yourself working on the computer with your shoulders hunched, then your chair is too low. Make the proper adjustments so you are at the right height, using a Desk Jockey seat cushion for better comfort.

  3. Although you could assume a different sitting position from time to time, keep these only for short periods, especially when working with a computer or in front of the desk. Rest your eyes, stretch your arms and perform short exercises on your shoulders. More importantly, get up every half-hour or so to relax by walking or just standing. Doing so will help improve your circulation and relieve tired muscles.

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