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4 Medical Conditions You Get From Too Much Sitting

by Ryan Hogan 10 Dec 2018 0 Comments



Sciatica is a condition characterized by pain, numbness, weakness or tingling in the leg, specifically in the area from the back of the leg to the buttocks. This condition affects the sciatic nerve and can be severe enough to cause pain and discomfort when sitting. To avoid exacerbating the pain, avoid soft or hard chairs and use a seat cushion like the Desk Jockey seat cushion to provide support where it is needed most. Desk Jockey encourages good posture by its design. By maintaining a straight spine, discomfort caused by nerve irritation is reduced.

Coccyx Pain

The coccyx or tailbone is the bone located at the end of the spine. It often bears the brunt of the weight of the body during sitting, so it is susceptible to strains and constant pressure. The Desk Jockey seat cushion has a cut-away portion that provides more room for the coccyx while supporting the buttocks, hips, and thighs. The support is such that no pressure is placed on the tailbone and the weight is evenly distributed, thus ensuring that the sitter is comfortable.

Lower Back Pain

Changing office or home chairs to more comfortable furniture can do a lot to provide relief for lower back pain, which is a very common condition. Aside from adjusting the chairs to the proper height, using Desk Jockey Memory Foam to create support at the end of the spine and to distribute body weight evenly will help relieve pressure that might build at the lower back and hip areas. Desk Jockey is also designed with leg contours that fit and mold to the thighs and glutes, thus aiding in even weight distribution. A straight back, along with thighs and legs kept at the right angles will help eliminate sitter’s fatigue, prevent discomfort and relieve a sore lower back.

Pressure Sores

Probably the most common concern among wheelchair users and their carers is the development of pressure sores, a condition that is often exacerbated by humidity, pressure and body temperature. Constant contact against the wheelchair seat of the lower body can also lead to chafing of the skin against the fabric of clothing. To minimize skin injury, promote comfort and relieve pressure points, a Desk Jockey should be used. It offers a sufficient buffer zone between the material of the wheelchair seat and the body, adds comfort and may even help improve posture because of its shape.

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