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Going Down the Holiday Road

by Eric Whitener 13 Dec 2015 0 Comments
With the holiday season upon us it’s also road trip season for many of us with family and friends spread out throughout the country. Here are a few tips to make your time on the road a little more enjoyable.

1. Add food to your packing list
It can be easy to say “we’ll grab something on the way”, but having some healthy snacks and sandwiches in the car can help stay alert and focused on the road without the inevitable slowdown that comes from munching on greasy burgers or gas station snacks along the way.

2. Make sure to adjust your posture
Sitting in the same exact position for too long can lead to fatigue. Make sure you’re keeping your shoulders upright and back straight to avoid back pain when you arrive at your destination. Our therapeutic grade lumbar support cushion can also provide you with back support you’ll need for any road trip!

3. Prepare the Entertainment
Are you traveling with kids? The iPad mounts for the back of the headrest just went from a luxury to a necessity. Keeping your children focused on the programming versus the road should lead to a much more pleasant travel experience for all involved. No kids? Having a set playlist can help you get through the mountains where satellite radio just doesn’t cut it!

4. Travel early and travel late.
Typically the day before any major holiday is going to be a huge travel day for the masses. When possible leave a couple of days before or even the day of the holiday to avoid the congestion on the roads. Pro Tip: Try to time driving through big cities at non-peak times to avoid rush hour. If you happen to catch rush hour, that might be the perfect time to pull off and gas up while you stretch the legs.

5. Remember why you’re making the drive
It can be very easy to get frustrated on a long trip (especially if you don’t do it often). Try to focus on the reasons you’re making the trip in the first place. Getting somewhere a few minutes later than planned isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things so take a deep breath and tell a nice story about the time Grandma did something funny. Getting to the ones you love is much more important than how fast you get there.
We wish you the best on your holiday journeys!
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