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Get Moving During Your Workday

by Eric Whitener on Dec 21, 2015

We sit, we sit and then we sit some more. That’s the struggle with today’s workforce. A number of people are sitting at their desks analyzing reports from 8-6 or driving all day because their company is asking them to cover more territory. The common denominator is that it is increasingly difficult for most people to be active throughout their day. It has become all too easy to sit during the commute in, continue sitting throughout the work day, and then to head to the couch with the family after a long day. On the days when there’s no time to get moving before or after work it’s important to squeeze in some small movements throughout the day.

1. Make Sure to Stretch
Stretching has a number of benefits including just helping you feel more comfortable throughout the day. It can improve circulation of your blood to various muscles and joints. Stretching can also help you improve your range of motion while increasing flexibility. It’s easy to take a few minutes each day to stretch your neck, shoulders and arms while sitting at your desk. You can also check a few emails while you’re standing to help stretch your hamstrings, calves and back. Just a few stretches throughout the day can really go a long way.

2. Get Up and Move
Too many folks only let their feet hit the floor on their way to and from meetings. A great way to remind yourself to get up and go is by setting a few silent alarms on a fitness tracker such as Fitbit or a Jawbone. The fitness trackers do an excellent job of keeping you aware of your movements, but they can also be a helpful reminder to take a stroll or two throughout the day. If you don’t have a fitness tracker you can set reminders in your Outlook calendar to accomplish the same goal. Bringing a pair of athletic shoes to take advantage of your lunch break can be really helpful as well (especially on nice days).

3. Get Comfortable (but not too comfortable)
It’s easy to find positions that are comfortable in the moment, but may end up being painful in the end. Do your best not to slouch throughout the day. Too much slouching can lead to additional pains in the neck and back. As a side benefit, good posture can help strengthen your core throughout the day.

These are just a few tips to help you get through your week. Happy Monday!