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Coach Presents: Sitting the Right Way!

by Checkend Apps 06 Sep 2016 0 Comments

It happens to all of us. Sitting at our desk in front of the computer or at home watching TV, we start to relax, and then we start to slouch. We start to lose our core strength and believe it or not we start to get sore. Sore from what, we ask ourselves. We are sore from our poor posture. Our poor posture and slouching can lead to neck pain, back pain, and even injury. However, a few simple tips and you can be back to 100% in no time!

While at our desks make sure to adhere to the following simple habits:

  • Upper Back-Our upper back should be kept straight and our shoulders should be relaxed.
  • Lower Back-We should be utilizing our lumbar support as often as we can and our spine needs to be flat against the back of our chair.
  • Knees-Our knees should be bent close to 90 degrees and should not be against the seat.
  • Seat- We should have our seat inclined forward slightly, and hopefully we can utilize an ergonomically sound design.
  • Screen- Our computer screen should be at eye level and positioned to avoid a glare.
  • Hands-Our hands should be close to the body, and our wrists bent to use the key board.
  • Key Board-Our key board and mouse should be level and in an easy to reach place.

Keep in mind good posture is not only about sitting up straight but also about having the right support for your back. Good posture also helps you feel better too. Numerous studies have suggested that when we practice proper posture we have more self-esteem and believe in ourselves a little more. This self-esteem improvement can lead to more productivity at work as well. Exercising good posture can also help reduce your stress level. Studies have also found that sitting straight when you’re stressed can help cut those negative emotions.

So not only can sitting up straight and with good posture help eliminate your neck and back pain it can also help with your mood, lower your stress and  make you more productive! So make sure to practice the basics and stick to your good posture habit!

~Sean Hogan has coached hockey at the international and collegiate levels for over ten years. He has spoken at numerous events about culture building, goal setting and healthy lifestyles. He holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Recreation and Sports Science with an emphasis on Coaching Education from OHIO University.

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