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Coach Presents The Best Ways to Avoid Back Pain-It's Simple!

Most of us will experience back pain in our lifetimes. The older you are the more likely you are to experience pain in your lumbar, shoulders or back muscles. It is one of the most common ailments that lead to missed work days and doctor visits. In fact, back problems are the number one leading cause of disability worldwide. Incredibly, according to HealthDay, low back pain causes more disability than nearly 300 other conditions worldwide, and nearly one in 10 people across the globe suffers from pain in their lower back.

If you research ways to curb your back pain you will find all sorts of answers. You will find everything from herbal remedies to applying basic stretching throughout the day. However, there are really only a couple ways that will truly help you avoid back pain.

Take Care of Your Body!

It really can be that simple. Take care of your body. Exercise regularly. That doesn’t mean you need to be an Olympic weightlifter or a marathon runner. Just take regular walks around the office. Take a walk once you get home from work. Watch what you put into your body. Drink plenty of water. These are all basic things that can truly help your chances of not experiencing debilitating back pain.

The easiest way to avoid being at risk of serious back pain is to just take care of your body. Simple!

Sit Up Straight!

We spend our days hunched over a computer at our desks. We spend our mornings hunched over our steering wheel on our commute, leading to a day hunched over a computer at our desks. We spend our evenings hunched over our steering wheel driving home from a day hunched over our desks. Just to plop down in front of the television, slouched on the couch. That’s a lot of hunching…and a leading cause of back pain. The best way to alleviate that pain? Sit up straight!

There are a few ways to help you sit up straight and a lumbar support on your desk chair and in your car can do wonders for your back pain. Try to have a desk chair that supports your lower back, and attach the lumbar support as a reminder to sit up straight. Set up your monitor at eye level or just slightly down. This will help your head and neck to align straight.

There are a lot of ways to alleviate your back pain. But the best way is to avoid it all together. Take care of your body, exercise as often as you can and as your mom said…SIT UP STRAIGHT!

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~Sean Hogan has coached hockey at the international and collegiate levels for over ten years. He has spoken at numerous events about culture building, goal setting and healthy lifestyles. He holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Recreation and Sports Science with an emphasis on Coaching Education from OHIO University.

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