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Coach Presents: What you are saying about the Desk Jockey Premium Therapeutic Grade Donut Seat Cushion with Pain Free Guarantee

by Checkend Apps 18 Oct 2016 0 Comments

At Desk Jockey we take great pride in designing and developing products that help our customers deal with their back pain. So much so that we have our Pain Free Guarantee. One of those products is the Desk Jockey Premium Therapeutic Grade Donut Seat Cushion. Below is what you have been saying about this great product.

5.0 out of 5 stars... soft and it is very firm but in a good way so when you sit on it it's not

By Lorianne on February 7, 2016

“The doughnut is very soft and it is very firm but in a good way so when you sit on it it's not like the cheap ones were you end up hitting the floor because there is no cushion. As a very soft feel to the touch so if you were had shorts on and you sat on it you would still be very comfortable. This will make a huge difference for me since I am going to use it on my very uncomfortable office chair. My friend saw this at my house and she just had a baby and she said it would even be comfortable for her to sit on due to soreness. This comes in a very nice plastic zipper bag so it makes storage much easier. If you do end up storing this in the basement you don't need to worry about it getting dusty. This also could be used in the car if you are an elderly man or woman and eat a little bit of a height. My Nana always uses one in unfortunately the cheap ones smooshes right down this one that would not happen.”

5.0 out of 5 stars Here is what I like about this seat cushion from Desk Jockey

By Jena Mendoza on June 30, 2016

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“I am 4 months pregnant and have an at-desk type job at the moment. This presents a lot of strain on my back from sitting for over 5 hours daily. Our chairs at work are not ergonomic and have placed undue pressure on my lower back which in turn has caused several other issues. Here is what I like about this seat cushion from Desk Jockey:

  1. I like that it is memory foam and takes the shape of my body.
  2. I like the specific contours that relief certain areas like the tailbone.
  3. I like that the cover is washable.
  4. This seat cushion is very comfortable and can be used anywhere, honestly.

The one thing I did not like was how difficult it was to put the cover back on once I washed it, but understand that may be to keep a tight fit over the cushion.

Overall, I have noticed and appreciate the positive improvements in my back health just over the course of the last week. This cushion is comfortable and convenient and came in a plastic carrying bag.”

There is always feedback we can consider about the design of our products. We are always in the process of updating and making effective changes to our already great products. As you can see our staff works hard and takes great pride in helping others deal with the daily aches and pains that come with our desk jobs. I urge you to take a look at a lumbar support for your desk, or a wedge for your long commutes. You will find it will start to ease your back pain.

~Sean Hogan has coached hockey at the international and collegiate levels for over ten years. He has spoken at numerous events about culture building, goal setting and healthy lifestyles. He holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Recreation and Sports Science with an emphasis on Coaching Education from OHIO University.

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