Desk Jockey Aromatherapy Lumbar Press Release

Desk Jockey Revamps Lumbar Support Cushion

The company released a lumbar support cushion with aroma therapy and heat capabilities

Orlando, FLA . – Desk Jockey took their lumbar support cushion and added new featuresto it. It now has aromatherapy and heat capabilities built in to it.

Recently, Desk Jockey has added several new products to their line of therapeutic cushions. One that is getting much attention is the Premium Aroma-Therapeutic Grade Lumbar Support Cushion. It is similar to Desk Jockey’s regular lumbar support cushion which helps align the body to relieve back pain. It is also made from a therapeutic grade memory foam that will not flatten over time. The new cushion does all the lumbar support cushion does while also coming with other beneficial features.

“This new cushion is taking two ideas and making one great idea. We took our best-selling cushion and added the microwavable lavender scent pack to give customers an even better, relaxing experience. Now users can have the benefits of lumbar support, aromatherapy and heat therapy all in one cushion,” said Ryan Hogan, president of Desk Jockey.

A pocket on the cushion holds the scent packet in place while in use. A user has the option to use it for aromatherapy or microwave it for 15 seconds for heat therapy as well. The user can also remove the pack completely if they wish to just use the cushion without the scent or heat.

Hogan said he expects the aromatherapy lumbar cushion to be an incredible success. He said since the lumbar support cushion is so successful, adding the extra features will make it even more popular.

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