Desk Jockey Donut Shaped Seat Cushion

Desk Jockey Creates Donut Shaped Seat Cushion

The new product is unlike other donut or ring cushions 

ORLANDO, FLA. – Desk Jockey unveiled a new donut shaped cushion that gives hemorrhoid relief.

The Donut Seat Cushion was designed to aid customers who have he morrhoids. The creative shape provides comfort and support while reducing sitting pressure from the affected area. According to Ryan Hogan, the president of Desk Jockey, the Desk Jockey donut cushion is better than others because it is made out of memory foam and not inflatable plastic which makes it more comfortable. It is also versatile so it can fit into any seat.

“The Donut is a unique design we thought could benefit users. Most donut cushions are cheaply made so we saw a niche we could fill with this. I hope to see this product gain more popularity in the coming months because I think it is beneficial to hem orrhoid users,” said Hogan

Desk Jockey uses inventive techniques that help them stand out. Their secret memory foam recipe is different than other manufacturer’s memory foam. Unlike their competitors, Desk Jockey cushions will not flatten over time and will always maintain its shape. They also use high quality materials for their cushions to guarantee there is no chemical smell when a customer receives one.

Hogan founded Desk Jockey in 2013. After experiencing serious back pain from working long hours at a desk, he decided there needed to be something to help his ailment. He created Desk Jockey as a solution to his problem. Desk Jockey’s mission is to make a lasting positive contribution and create value by solving the problem of orthopedic pain and other complications in health arising from the modern, sedentary lifestyle. The company is currently working on expanding their product line to tailor to other customers and daily needs.

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