Desk Jockey Foot Support Cushion Press Report

Desk Jockey Creates New Cushion for Foot Support

The company released a cushion for users with foot pain

Orlando, FLA . – Desk Jockey added a new product to their line that targets foot support while still being comfortable for users’ feet.

The Premium Therapeutic Grade Footrest Cushion was released earlier this week by Desk Jockey. This cushion is designed to give users foot support while they are working at their desk throughout their day. This cushion is made with their therapeutic grade memory foam so it will not fall flat. The outer case on the cushion is soft to provide extra comfort to the customer, unlike other foot rests that are hard. It is also portable enough to take to and from work. Desk Jockey’s president, Ryan Hogan, uses one every day for his feet.

“I love this new product we made. I have had issues when my feet ache at the end of the day but I only sat at my desk. This cushion helps alleviate that pain by adding a little extra comfort to my feet while I work,” said Hogan.

According to Hogan, the foot cushion is better than competitors’ foot rests because this one forms to a person’s feet. He said someone resting their feet on a hard foot rest all day it doesn’t actually feel like their feet are resting. Desk Jockey’s memory foam foot rest makes users’ feet feel comfortable and relaxed all day while still providing that support.

Hogan said customers are responding positively to this product. Even though the cushion has not been available long, reviews are all five stars for the product. Hogan hopes to see the sales of this product increase as more customers become aware of it so they can be rid of their foot pain as well.

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