Desk Jockey Goes International

Desk Jockey Goes International

Therapeutic cushion company begins conducting business in Canada

Orlando, FLA . – New startup cushion company, Desk Jockey LLC, began selling initial products from their “Premium Therapeutic Grade” orthopedic cushion line to Amazon Canada this past week.

Desk Jockey is now offering two of their therapeutic cushions to Amazon Canada customers. They are now selling their bestselling lumbar support cushion and their neck support cushion. Both cushions have Desk Jockey’s therapeutic grade memory foam which they guarantee will not go flat after long periods of use.

The lumbar support cushion is designed to sit at the small of the back. It helps alleviate pain using a lumbar support system. The system is designed to keep the ears, shoulders and pelvis all aligned while maintaining the natural curvature of the lower spine.

The neck support cushion was designed to help eliminate stiff necks and provide better comfort during long periods of sitting or sleeping. It is portable and versatile for any form of use the customer needs.

“We are proud to be selling these cushions in Canada now. Desk Jockey is growing incredibly fast and it’s very exciting for our team. Canada gives us a whole new market to work with and we hope to be supplying more of our products to them soon,” said Ryan Hogan, president of Desk Jockey.

Additional products planned for international release include their Bariatric cushion for users over 200 pounds, seat cushion wedge designed to for use in vehicles, and finally a donut shaped seat cushion. These products are all designed to help users alleviate back pain and other aches and pains from prolonged sitting.

Desk Jockey was created in 2013 by Hogan. After experiencing chronic pain from working at a desk for extended periods of time and finding a lack of quality products to address his needs, he set off to create a solution to his problem. Desk Jockey’s mission is to make a lasting positive contribution to the world by solving the problem of orthopedic pain and other complications in heath arising from our modern sedentary lifestyle.

Since Desk Jockey began, it has rapidly gained popularity in the United States. According to Hogan, entering the Canadian marketplace is a key initial step in becoming a global household name.

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