Desk Jockey Produces Two-in-one Cushion

Desk Jockey Produces Two-in-One Cushion

Two-in-one cushion comes with popular U-shaped pillow and sleeping pillow

Orlando, FLA . – Desk Jockey released an innovative cushion that combines two popular pillows and makes them one.

Earlier this week, Desk Jockey released the Premium Therapeutic Grade Travel Cushion. The cushion combines a standard u-shaped airplane pillow with a rectangular multiuse pillow. They are connected with a velcro strap and can be used together or separately. The cushions are made out of Desk Jockey’s therapeutic memory foam so it will not flatten over time. The main goal for this two-in-one cushion is to provide extra comfort so it is easier to sleep while traveling.

“I am very excited about this new product. We took the popular u-shaped cushion travelers use and put a twist on it. I think the fact that the cushions are detachable help the value of this cushion. Also, the multiuse cushion can be used for your back, seat or your head and neck while you sleep, so there are many benefits to it,” said Ryan Hogan, president of Desk Jockey.

Hogan hopes to see business travelers recognize the value of this product and take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer. He also said since they travel so often it would be a great product for them.

Other features the cushion has is that it is easily transported because it can hook on to a carry on handle while walking through an airport. The memory foam in the cushion is also shredded to provide extra comfort and is not hard.

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