If you purchased your Desk Jockey product as new from one of the authorized retailers below, it comes with one of our standard warranties.

All Desk Jockey products come with a 2 year limited warranty. If your cushions rips, tears, or fails to retain its original shape Desk Jockey will replace the cover, strap, or foam.

Note: All used products (even if sold through an authorized retailer) are sold on an "As Is" basis without any representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied.

US/Canada Authorized Retailers

  • Amazon – Authorized seller DeskJockey. All other sellers are unauthorized sellers.
  • Ebay -  Authorized seller deskjockeyllc. All other sellers are unauthorized sellers.
  • Jet - Authorized seller Desk Jockey LLC. All other sellers are unauthorized sellers.

If you purchased your product outside the US and Canada or at a retailer not listed above, there is no warranty.

Looking to register your product?

There is no requirement to register your product with Desk Jockey. For your convenience, if you purchased your product from us directly, or through Amazon, or EBay, then we have a record of your purchase and nothing additional is required. However, customers will need to be able to provide proof of purchase a copy of their purchase receipt is advised.

If you purchased your product in any other way or received your product as a gift, retain your purchase or gift receipt in a safe place. You will be asked to present your receipt/proof of purchase in order to obtain warranty service.