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Massotherapy Self Massage Tools Roller for Neck and Shoulders by Dr. Necky - Trigger Point Massager for Tension Relief - Therapeutic Myofascial Releas

  • WORKS LIKE A PROFESSIONAL MASSEUSE: It would be great if we could have a personal masseuse on hand for stressful moments, post-workout, or any other neck and shoulder tightening events. Dr. Necky's neck and shoulder massager tool can help relieve tension, relax, and soothe sore muscles anytime - no appointment necessary!

  • USE FOR LIGHT MASSAGE OR DEEP TISSUE RUB: Whether the knots in your shoulder feel rock hard or you just need a light, relaxing touch, this self massage trigger point tool can work it out. The four rolling wheels have a specially designed knuckle-like pattern that works great for getting in there to loosen up tight muscles and knots. Apply less pressure and it works great for a soothing light massage.

  • ESSENTIAL TOOL FOR SELF-CARE: We live in a busy world and we're constantly on the go, but more than ever we are realizing the importance of taking proper care of ourselves - a little care can go a long way. Self caremassage tools for your neck and shoulders are an amazing way to take care of tightness, soreness, and stress tension that can build up in those areas and help promote some well-needed (and deserved) relaxation.

  • REVITALIZE NECK AND CERVICAL REGION: Long hours at a desk or in a car have become the way of modern life, but it can take a toll on your neck and shoulders. More than ever a massage tool for your neck and shoulders is a necessary way to care for these trouble areas - helping to roll out tight spots and keep muscles loose, limber, and feeling fine.

  • MASSAGE ON THE GO: Bring a mini-masseuse with you anywhere you go! This shoulder and neck pain tool has a compact, travel-friendly design which means you can take it just about anywhere. At work, in the car, on vacation, business trips, or when you're just too busy to see a professional. No electricity is required making it a super convenient tool.