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Neck Cloud Cervical Traction Device: Your Portable Hammock for Instant Neck Pain Relief and Relaxation

Ever wondered if your neck could go on vacation without you? Well, now it can! Get ready...
$ 40.70
$ 40.70
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neck cloud

Neck Cloud Cervical Traction Device: Your Portable Hammock for Instant Neck Pain Relief and Relaxation

$ 40.70

Neck Cloud Cervical Traction Device: Your Portable Hammock for Instant Neck Pain Relief and Relaxation

$ 40.70

Ever wondered if your neck could go on vacation without you? Well, now it can! Get ready to experience neck pain relief like never before in the comfiest way possible. It's the only time when having your head in the clouds is a good thing!

Are you tired of feeling like your head is playing tetherball with your neck? Enter the Neck Cloud Cervical Traction Device, your personal neck hammock. Let's hang out and discover the comical side of pain relief!



Picture this: You, in your portable neck hammock, looking as cool as a cat in sunglasses, while your friends wonder if you've joined the "Relaxation Revolution." With Neck Cloud, those aches and pains don't stand a chance.

NECK TRACTION: WHAT IS IT? Neck pain and associated injuries are treated using cervical traction, also known as spinal traction. The Neck Cloud is a hammock-style support that pulls your head away from your neck to expand and relieve tightness in the neck muscles.

HOME THERAPY: Spending hours at the chiropractor, taking medication, or having surgery can be pretty painful! A better day is guaranteed with this simple-to-use head hammock called Neck Cloud. You shouldn't need to visit a neck or pay for a massage to relieve a stiff neck.

IMMEDIATE RELIEF: A neck relief device that treats neck pain, stress, and tightness. Muscle relaxation leads to reduced stiffness and greater flexibility. Migraines, arthritic pain, and Neck Cloud can aid with spasms, injuries, pinched nerves, and even cervical spondylosis.

Over-the-door setup: Neck Cloud is simple to set up and use. It is a hammock design that cradles the head while efficiently providing neck pull and support thanks to an adjustable Y Strap for any doorknob configuration.

DUE TO NECK CLOUD? Operating an original neck sling hammock device may be difficult or uncomfortable. These extenders, whether neck decompression collars or inflatable neck traction devices, can be impractical for use at home or when traveling. In our distinctive blue hammock, Neck Cloud looks attractive in addition to being little.


Important Information:

The Neck Cloud Cervical Traction Device is designed for ease of use and portability:

  • Size: The Neck Cloud is compact and designed to fit over most standard doors, making it easy to set up without taking up much space.
  • Weight: The lightweight device makes it convenient for travel or daily use.
  • Usage: Attach the adjustable Y Strap to any doorknob configuration, ensuring it's secure. Then, place your head in the inflatable neck stretcher device, allowing it to pull and support your neck gently. Use it for 10-15 minutes once or twice daily to effectively relieve neck pain and tension.



  1. Hammock Chic: The ultimate neck accessory.
  2. Take It Anywhere: Your neck's new travel buddy.
  3. Quick Relief: Because life's too short for neck tension.
  4. Over-the-Door Style: The door knob becomes your BFF.



  • Release tension like a boss.
  • Tell headaches to hit the road.
  • Enjoy relaxation that's off the charts.


Why Choose Our Product:

Why settle for boring neck pain solutions when you can "hang" with the Neck Cloud and laugh your way to relief?



  • Is an instant neck pain relief device suitable for your neck?

Ans: Yes, cervical traction benefits neck pain relief and relaxation, especially when using the Neck Cloud Device.

  • What is the neck cloud used for?

Ans: The Neck Cloud neck pain device relieves neck pain and tension through gentle spinal expansion and muscle relaxation.

  • How do you place a neck cloud?

Ans: To set up the Neck Cloud, attach the adjustable Y Strap to any doorknob and let it cradle your head, providing neck relief with ease.

  • How long does the neck cloud take to work?

Ans: Neck Cloud offers quick relief, and many users experience relief from neck pain and stiffness within minutes of use.

  • How many times a day should I use neck cloud?

Ans: Using Neck Cloud for 10-15 minutes, once or twice daily, is typically recommended for effective relief. 

Doctor's Note:

Dr. Chuckles says Laughter is the best medicine, but Neck Cloud is a close second!


Satisfaction Guarantee:

We guarantee neck nirvana or your smile back—no questions asked.



Say goodbye to neck woes and hello to hammock happiness with Neck Cloud. It's time to hang loose and enjoy life, one relaxed neck at a time!

So there you have it, folks! The Neck Cloud Cervical Traction Device is here to put your neck at ease and make you feel like you're floating on a cloud. It's the hammock your neck always dreamed of and your ticket to cloud nine comforts. Get yours today and let your neck go on vacation!

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