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Trigger Point Pillow - Head and Neck Pain Relief Traction Device, Support Relaxer for Tension Headache Relief for Improved Decompression

  • PAIN RELIEF --- If suffering from chronic neck pain, herniated disks, upper body stiffness, neck pain, migraines, or arthritis symptoms, use the Trigger Point Pillow to relieve neck and shoulder pain while providing a cervical neck traction.

  • NO PAIN, NO GAIN - the Trigger Point Pillow is intentionally designed to put pressure onto meridian points in your upper shoulders neck and head to relieve stress. The "pillow" may not feel relaxing but it is working to release pressure at key meridian points.

  • RELEASE STRESS - Lay in place for 3 minutes stretching the neck and moving the head side to side for some added physical therapy. For continued results lay in device for 4-5 minutes. Feel the difference with relaxing post treatment results.

  • EFFECTIVE COMFORT - Help sooth office fatigue, driver fatigue, back pain, neck pain, insomnia and headaches, through gentle but firm meridian point pressure.

  • PORTABLE - compact, light, and easy to travel wit