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Bed Wedge Clinical Grade Support Cushion with Egyptian Cotton Casing

Clinical Grade Incline Bed Rest For Sitting Up - Sleep Back Support, Pregnancy, After Surgery Recovery
  • ELEVATE FOR A SAFER, DEEPER, MORE RESTFUL SLEEP – Whether your looking to cure acid reflux (GERD), reduce back pain, lower risk of heart attack, eliminate snoring, recover/prepare for surgery, pregnant, or wanting to look years younger by reducing the signs of aging the science has shown again and again that sleeping elevated is the best way to sleep!
  • ULTRA LUXURIOUS 300 THREAD COUNT EGYPTIAN COTTON – What good is a wedge without a pillow case to go with it? … Unlike our competitors we include one FREE!... But not just any pillow case… every Sleep Jockey wedge comes wrapped in a luxurious Ultra-Premium 300 Thread count Egyptian cotton that is so soft, and so comfy, you will feel yourself melting into its soothing, comforting embrace… better still... Keep it looking and smelling great as the cover is washable!
  • FIRMNESS LEVEL THAT IS JUST RIGHT – We offer a leading standard you'll notice the moment you unwrap your new Sleep Jockey Back and Body Wedge Pillow... In that first laying moment... the realization of quality is there.... soothing, molding, and caressing itself to your unique body shape... but still firm enough to support you for a full nights rest
  • SNORING SILENTER AND MARRIAGE SAVER – Our Sleep Jockey Wedge is the perfect way to elevate your head and open nasal passages to eliminate snoring. Save BIG $$$ by avoiding having to waste money on an expensive new bed. We’ve even designed our wedge to be just wide enough without infringing on your sleeping partners side. Saving marriages one Sleep Jockey wedge at a time!


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