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Memory Foam Office Under Desk Foot Rest Cushion with Plush Casing

Don’t you think it is high time to pamper yourself with some adjustable footrest under desk at...
$ 49.99
$ 49.99
Title: 1+
Subtotal: $ 49.99
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Memory Foam Office Under Desk Foot Rest Cushion with Plush Casing

Memory Foam Office Under Desk Foot Rest Cushion with Plush Casing

$ 49.99

Memory Foam Office Under Desk Foot Rest Cushion with Plush Casing

$ 49.99
Title: 1+

Don’t you think it is high time to pamper yourself with some adjustable footrest under desk at the office? As you are already here, I can say you are looking for an office foot rest for under desk feet cushion that can help you to rest your foot. 

Also, the most wanted thing is it’s easily washable as it’s zipped for easy removal. For ease of transport, you can fold it as well. You can use it in a passenger car seat, office chair or any air travel. We are offering a free carrying case for this too.

It will give you a perfect posture and it will alleviate the pressure on your feet. It is extremely supportive and dedicated to give you comfort! Our products are recommended by the physical therapist so you don’t have to worry at all. so now let’s move further and talk about the features and all other necessary things so that you can decide whether you can buy it right now or not!



Here, by using our feet cushion, you don’t have to be searching for the right spot on the trash can or the corner of your desk to place your feet. You can finally relax those office foot rest under the desk and keep your mind and body on task.


Our half-cylinder design allows for the perfect balance of size and portability for you. You can easily take it to work with you and back home again without taking up too much space.


We have designed our office foot rest feet cushion for a LIFETIME of use. You can sleep for hours on end, and it will never become flat.


We believe so strongly that THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR that WE GUARANTEE IT! Backed with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and AMAZING customer support. WE CARE ABOUT YOUR COMFORT. We will return the whole amount of your order if you are not entirely satisfied!


  • Item Weight: 1.4 pounds

  • Dimensions of products: 20 x 8.3 x 4 inches

  • Item model number: DJ-FR

  • Soft cover with premium quality

  • 100% cucitura piana plush velvet

  • Machine washable


Why Choose Our Product

To provide a comfortable amount of padding, this under desk footrest feet cushion is created with Premium Therapeutic Grade Memory Foam. Our footrest for desk feet cushion will leave you feeling like you've been resting on a cloud.


People also ask

  1. Can I use it in my car?

Ans: You can use it in an airplane seat, workplace chair, or passenger car.

  1. Is it good for air validations?

Ans: Yes, Our leg rest under desk cushion is good for air validations.

  1. What is its material?

Ans: All covers of our ergonomic foot rest under desk are made of a completely polyester woven soft velvet fabric.


Doctor's Note

Seat cushions serve a number of practical and clinical purposes! This under desk footrest cushion product is best suited for users who want a continuous form-fitting surface to sit on for extended periods of time, such as truck drivers, pilots, or machine workers. People who suffer from soreness or pain from prolonged sitting on a firm surface (wood or metal stool/chair) can also benefit from the cushion. I've even had some clients tell me that they brought their cushion to a local high school football game so they could sit and watch the action for a longer period of time!

* Corey M. Snyder, DPT is a Board-Certified Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapist through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident that our products are exactly what you've been looking for that WE GUARANTEE IT! With a money-back guarantee and AWESOME customer service. WE CARE ABOUT YOUR SATISFACTION! If you are not totally happy with your purchase for any reason, we will return your money!

Full 60 Days! Our policy lasts 60 days. That's a full two months to fully discover all the benefits of sitting comfortably!



Now that you've read this, you might be wondering why you missed it at first. But don't worry, it's so reasonably priced that you can get it right away.

Furthermore, you can find all the answers to your queries about this back-supporting office chair cushion by visiting https://deskjockeystore.com/pages/faqs

All OK, farewell for now. You should also take a look at our other items because they are all of the highest caliber and, of course, produced with the comfort and satisfaction of our clients in mind. See you in the next update!

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