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Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion with Plush Casing

  • SHIELD YOURSELF FROM BACK PAIN - Live your life without the worry of painful sitting. Our game changing cushion design is made with you in mind... the intelligent LUMBAR SUPPORT SYSTEM eliminates back pain by keeping ears, shoulders, and pelvis (hips) in total alignment all while maintaining the natural inward curvature of your lower spine... You can achieve living pain free WITHOUT SURGERY, PILLS, or CREAMS!
  • TAKES THE CACTUS OUT OF YOUR SEAT - With our 100% Therapeutic Grade Memory Foam we offer a leading standard you'll notice the moment you unwrap your new Desk Jockey lumbar support cushion... Our favorite customers are those who have purchased a competing brand and then ours... In that first sitting moment... the realization of quality that had been missing before is now there.... soothing, molding, and caressing itself to your unique body shape
  • YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND - Ingenius design enables IMPRESSIVE VERSATILITY... you can take it everywhere you go... Long Car Ride? No Problem... Stuck in the cubicle all day? Your day will fly by in comfort and your productivity will soar through the roof! Home computer? - Finish that project without needing a break
  • EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPER - Designed for a lifetime of use... You can sit, and sit, and sit and it WILL NEVER GO FLAT!
Product Dimensions: 13 x 4 x 12 inches Product Weight: 12.8 ounces Item Unit Number: DJ-LC

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By far this is the most versatile cushion in the Desk Jockey arsenal! People who sit for prolonged periods (>1 hour) either at a desk, driving, flying, or even relaxing at home can benefit from the additional lumbar support. Our spine is naturally built with flexible curves. Excessive sitting can put a stress on those curves and the supporting tissues around them eventually causing pain. A lumbar cushion of this quality can support your spine to sit for longer periods and be shifted to different levels of your spine to assist in pain control. 

Corey M. Snyder, DPT is a Board-Certified Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapist through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.