Press Releases regarding Desk Jockey LLC

  • Desk Jockey Revamps Lumbar Support Cushion

    Orlando, FLA. - Recently, Desk Jockey has added several new products to their line of therapeutic cushions. One that is getting much attention is the Premium Aroma-Therapeutic Grade Lumbar Support Cushion. more

  • Desk Jockey Creates New Cushion for Foot Support

    Orlando, FLA. - The Premium Therapeutic Grade Footrest Cushion was released earlier this week by Desk Jockey. This cushion is designed to give users foot support while they are working at their desk throughout their day. more

  • Desk Jockey Produces Two-in-One Cushion

    Orlando, FLA. - Earlier this week, Desk Jockey released the Premium Therapeutic Grade Travel Cushion. The cushion combines a standard u-shaped airplane pillow with a rectangular multiuse pillow. more

  • Desk Jockey Unveils New Product for Cars

    Orlando, FLA. - Desk Jockey added a therapeutic wedge cushion designed for truckers and other customers to use in their car seats while driving. more

  • Desk Jockey Creates Donut Shaped Seat Cushion

    Orlando, FLA. - The Donut Seat Cushion was designed to aid customers who have hemorrhoids. The creative shape provides comfort and support while reducing sitting pressure from the affected area. more

  • Desk Jockey Produces Bariatric Seat Cushion

    Orlando, FLA. – The new Bariatric Seat Cushion was created to benefit a wider range of customers. The cushion has a dense system that supports customers who are over 200 pounds and can support up to 500 pounds. more

  • Desk Jockey Goes International

    Orlando, FLA. – New startup cushion company, Desk Jockey LLC, began selling initial products from their “Premium Therapeutic Grade” orthopedic cushion line to Amazon Canada this past week. more